69 Questions and Answers!

1. Who is Hollywood?

First off- Nice to meet you!!

I am from Sunny California- Innately I am a good person; fun loving, adventurous, hyper sexual and full of energy. I genuinely care about people and I give 100% of myself to each person I encounter.


My down-to-earth personality paired with my addictive and CURVY HOURGLASS figure is sure to fulfill your desires on so many levels; Mentally, Spiritually and Sexually. I pride myself and strive to create an environment where we can both relax and escape the pressures of the outside world. 

I create a reality where we can enjoy each other’s company and I can focus on you, without any rush. I love a genuine connection. I’m generous emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I prefer extended stays or overnights to fully heighten our sexual encounter, but I am in no way opposed to a quickie, sometimes that can be just as intoxicating!

 Whether you are looking for a sexy companion, a wonderful date, a few days on the town, or an amazing week of fun together. I can be a chameleon and can adapt to all surroundings and situations. I am comfortable in any social environment; whether we’re horseback hiding, at a Gala or fancy restaurant or enjoying a concert or comedy show.

2. How would you describe yourself?

A little bit of glitz and glamour mixed with a down to earth country girl. I enjoy all types of environments, settings and adventures! Nothing is out of reach or awkward for me. I have been told that it’s easy to get lost in my seductive blue eyes. My 36DDD breasts are the best in the west! They are more than a handful, and they compliment my hourglass figure.  

You could spend an entire day taking in these sexy curves, and still leave begging for more. Are you more of an ass man? I have the juiciest, perfectly firm, round ass that you won’t find anywhere else. Imagine bending me over and taking control… it’s quite the ride! If that’s not your style, I am great at taking the lead, and giving you the sensual, dominant, or wild experience of your life!!

3. What Exactly is the Bunny Ranch?

It’s Legal Brothel owned and operated by Dennis Hof. I’m your beautiful, horny courtesan waiting to make your every desire and fantasy come to life! It’s an “Adult Disney Land” I guess you could say! You come here to explore intimacy in any way you choose. Bunny Ranch Profile 

5. Are you on Social Media or any other websites?

6. How long have you been at the Bunny Ranch?

I have been living out my dreams and fantasies since March 2014. I started at our sister house, the Sagebrush Ranch- where I was awarded “Starlet of the Year” in 2014. It’s the highest achievement possible! Out of every working girl at the house I was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, and had the most return guests out of everyone!

In April 2015 I moved over to the Bunny Ranch so I could be more active in the Media & Marketing aspect of the business as well!!

7. So how much does it cost to party?

There are no set prices. But I can assure you that I will respect your budget. Make sure you book an appointment with me, leave a deposit and I will always make it affordable. You will be Very happy that you came. (In more ways than one!) I Promise! Your complete satisfaction, more than once, if I have anything to say about it, is my goal! After all, I want this to be a lasting relationship! I work with every budget to ensure YOU are satisfied!

8. Where are you when you are not at the Bunny Ranch?

I call California home!! I have family all over the state- and visit as often as I can! I do tend to travel regularly- sometimes for pleasure to places all over the country, and WORLD!! But I have also traveled to New York & Florida on business!

9. Isn't the BunnyRanch where HBO's Cathouse is filmed?

Yes!! However, filming ended years ago for that particular show. Within the time I have been back working, I was filmed for Morgan Spurlocks “7 Deadly Sins” “Lust” episode-

I also filmed interviews with local news channels and most recently was featured on The Insider!

10. Will I be filmed without my knowledge?

 Never – EVER! Your privacy is paramount to me. Discretion is the name of this game. Your trust is so important to me, and I will never violate it.

11. What turns you on?

Humor, kindness, good hygiene, naughtiness, honesty (be open! It’s okay to be yourself here!) And a sense of adventure are at the top of my list.

12. What are your favorite workouts?

I love swimming and free weights- Let’s not forget the mattress mambo!!

13. Are you Single?

Yes, I am and ready to mingle!!

14. Which Porno film did I see you in?

 I have worked exclusively for Scoreland and Bootylicious Mag!! I have multiple Scenes and 1000 photos for you to enjoy! More to “Cum” as well…

15. What did you do before this?

 I have owned multiple businesses in California-

16. Why did you quit that field?

I didn’t!! I spent many years building it from the ground up and am finally in a place where I can focus on MY dreams and fantasies! You see, working here isn’t a “job” in my eyes- it’s a sexual exploration and a very very fun adventure to me!

17. How come I never saw you on HBO?

They haven’t filmed an Episode for “Cathouse” here at the Bunny Ranch for years. It was “before my time”

18. Your breasts... are they real?

Come feel them and you tell me. They are 36DDD, they feel very firm and soft!!

19. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have a few tattoos all over my body- and only my ears are pierced.

20. Do you smoke?

If I am enjoying a couple of cocktails, yes, I do enjoy a cigarette. However, if you don’t smoke, I won’t either! I respect your boundaries!

21. What's your favorite drink?

Depends on my mood! Moscato is amazing! I also enjoy trying the many flavored Vodkas and Patron tends to make my clothes fall off.. Even faster than they already do!!

22. What about non-alcoholic drinks?

Water & Mr. Pibb

23. What kind of parties do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy making a deeper connection with the “Girl Friend Experience” aka GFE & going on outdates! I don’t like to rush, and I GENUINELY want to get to know you! It’s much more of a fun adventure and is an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life! You deserve to unwind and experience the finer things with me!

24. Can I read any reviews of your performances?

Yes, please do so! I have a section here on my site dedicated just for that!


25. Can I make an appointment?

Absolutely! I actually prefer and recommend that you do. I try to keep a “regular” schedule at the Bunny Ranch- but tend to find myself away on trips for work & pleasure at times. I’d HATE to have you come all the way here to find that I’m out of town, or already booked for the day.

26. Is there a Dress Code at the Bunny Ranch?

No way! However, I appreciate good hygiene and a nicely dressed man- feel free to be casual and comfortable!

27. Can I shower while I am there?

Yes, you sure can! I have a shower in my room, so we can take one together if you’d like!

28. Can I bring my own music, videos, clothing, props, etc. for our party?

Absolutely, I would love it if you did! I LOVE new ideas and toys so bring whatever you think would be a fun addition to our time together!!

29. Where can I get personalized or autographed items?

Please feel free to check out the store on my website- if there’s something there that you want, and it’s not listed, send me an email! I’m sure we can work it out!! http://www.hotasshollywood.com/shop/

30. What if I want to see you Outside the Ranch?

That can be arranged, but only through the Bunny Ranch. Those encounters are called “Outdates” and they are tons of fun! I love to get out of the Ranch to let loose & explore the best Nevada has to offer–Tahoe, Las Vegas, Virginia City & Reno are a few of my favorites!

31. Is it true that you split the proceeds of your parties with the ranch?

Yes, Ladies receive 50% of what their clients pay. [/symple_accordion_section

32. What is your favorite position?

I am a huge fan of Doggy Style and missionary! However, I LOVE anything that gets you excited. I am not opposed to anything.

33. Do you kiss during parties?

Honestly? It depends on the party! It’s very intimate and special to me, so I tend to reserve it for the Girl Friend Experience and overnight parties! [/symple_accordion_section

34. Do you allow pictures to be taken before, during, or after our parties? And what about filming?

I am completely okay with pictures before or after our party! It’s a fun keepsake of our time together!

35. Are you a Squirter?

In the right situation, YES!! I am known to flood the bed! But it must be a longer party and I HAVE to be relaxed and comfortable!

36. Seriously, though. Does Size matter?

No! Why are men so preoccupied with size??? It truly is all about how you use it! Truly! (And sometimes, how you Say it.)

37. Do you accept Married clients?

Yes!! Your secrets are ALWAYS safe with me! Let me be your mistress WITH NO DRAMA, YES DRAMA FREE. You know that it’s discreet, STD free, and a guaranteed fun time! Why wouldn’t you? What happens here, stays here! [/symple_accordion_section

38. Do you accept women as clients?

Absolutely…I consider myself bi-sexual and love playing with women!

39. Can we bring another lady into our party?

Yes, you can choose the other girl, or if you prefer, I can select someone with whom I have established chemistry. Or, we could bring in lots of girls and really get wild! It’s all up to you. Do bear in mind that adding more ladies does increase the cost.

40. I'm a Virgin & I'm very nervous. Can you help?

I want your first time to be mesmerizing, magical and MEMORABLE!! We will take our time, get to know each other and then I’d LOVE to show you the ropes! I can teach you how to be an incredible lover!

41. How many times can I climax during a party with you?

As many times as you can! Unlike most other girls, I allow unlimited orgasms, no matter how much time we spend together. That’s right, unlimited orgasms are standard! After all, I plan on having my share too!!

42. Will you marry me?

Unfortunately not right now; but Dennis Hof IS an ordained minister. He can legally perform a wedding ceremony!! Who knows what the future has in store for us!

43. Where should I stay if I’m from out of town?

With me!! We can stay in my very cozy room or in one of our VERY plush suites here at Bunny Ranch!! I also have a list of favorite hotels all around the area. Let me know your interests, and I can help you with your accommodations and travel plans! I’d love to spend a few days with you in Reno, Tahoe or even Las Vegas! Depending on the Party I might pay for the room!!

44. How much does it cost to visit? What if I want to do more than visit?

It costs nothing to visit. Stop by and say Hello anytime. We can discuss various party options while you’re here. Once you decide to stay play with me, then we’ll slip off to a Private suite.

45. What is this Menu that I have heard about?

Power Up!!! The skies the limit 😉 It’s a great place to get some fun ideas for your adventure here with me! It’s really just a variety of fun ideas for our time together.. I have a pretty fun imagination as it is, so it’s usually easier to just tell me your interests and fantasies and we go from there!

46. Screw the Menu, what if I just want to bend you over your bed and have my way with you?

Yes Please!! It’s better that way!!

47. What are your sexual fantasies?

Well you really need to understand men’s fantasies and what makes them tick that’s what I love to do. Do you fantasize? All of us do. Once I know what your fantasies are.. oooooh it’s going to make sex so much fun!

My first one is a threesome; two women all over each other and just there to satisfy him and every sexual desire he has in his kinky repressed mind. And my second one is being a… 

Courtesan; a legal prostitute! A lot of men don’t have the money or want to drive down a dark alley and pick up a working girl and even the ones that do I’m sure it’s a scary proposition with all the sexual diseases going around.

I know a lot of women think of a man wanting to bang a working girl is disgusting but really it’s all about their man’s desires! Men are always chasing behind women. I don’t know a man who doesn’t want to have sex with a working girl.

What they want is discretion, safety, STD free, great sex and to be able to go home to their wife, girlfriend and their community and not be judged. A lot of these men would never be able to hook up with a certain type of woman.

But men like women that are off-limits, men love women they can’t have but they still try. Men find the thought of hooking up with a woman who’s off-limits, extremely attractive and arousing. I’m able to help completely fulfill those fantasies and their deepest desires

48. I'm a little on the Kinky side. Ok, I'm really kinky. Can we explore my wildest fetishes?

That’s the idea! Hey, I’ve heard it all. You’re not going to surprise or offend me one bit! Shame? Forget shame! What gets you off gets you off! And I mean whatever gets you off. The Bunny Ranch is a place where you can simply be yourself! And that goes for me too! Leave your inhibitions at the door.

49. Even if I'm into domination, submission, role-play, foot play & strap-ons?

Yes, bring it on! Your fantasies and dreams are MY pleasure! I enjoy all forms of BDSM!

50. Is anything off limits?

Not that I can think of!

51. Given all of your accolades, do you command higher rates?

Absolutely not. If anything, I compensate for this misperception by keeping my rates fair at all times.

52. What if I want to bring a friend?

Bring ALL of your friends!! They will have the time of their lives! However, if there is more than 1 gentleman at a time in a party with me, I will have to introduce one of my girlfriends into the party! But hey- the more the merrier right??

53. What hours is the Bunny Ranch open?

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. I can accommodate any time frame that you would like to visit!! Click here for my Bunny Ranch Profile!

54. Which airport should I fly into?

Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). The Ranch is about a half-hour drive from there. We can even pick you up complimentary! Just call 775-246-9901 before you board your plane to ask for a driver to meet you at the airport!

55. Should I give a tip and/or a gift?

Tips are ALWAYS appreciated!! And what girl DOESN’T love gifts? I have a wish list that makes it really easy for you!!

Hollywood’s Wish List

56. Do you offer any specials/discounts?

I have military / student discounts all year round! I have various specials throughout the year- check the website for the most up to date information!

57. How long does a party last?

As long as you want!! I enjoy and actually prefer extended parties. I can spend hours, days or even weeks with you. It really gives us a chance to get close and really explore each other in every way imaginable! It’s not all about sex with me. Quality time spent with me is time you’ll remember for the rest of your life! I guarantee it!

58. Is billing discreet?

Completely. Nobody will be able to trace your visit to the Bunny Ranch!! It is billed under a completely different name/address so it will never appear on your statement that you visited us!

59. Testing? What kind of testing is done?

Courtesans are tested weekly for a wide assortment of sexually transmitted diseases. The testing process is state-regulated and mandatory. Our background check is cleared through the Sheriff’s Department and our health exam is cleared before we are allowed to engage clients in any way. We are all STD and STI free.

60. What about other pre-cautions?

I visually inspect clients for obvious signs of STDs. In addition to that, of course, condoms are used during all activities. A variety of sizes, sensitivities and colors are provided, by me. I’m also vaccinated against HPV. Further precautions may be taken on a case-by-case basis. I take your health and mine, Very seriously!

61. How often does STD transmissions occur in Brothels?

I encourage you to do your own research, I did. It’s a documented fact that in more than 30 years of state record keeping, not a single incidence of STD transmissions has occurred in a legal brothel here in Nevada. Not one! Again, you’re astronomically safer here than in your neighborhood bar.

62. When is your birthday?

July 16th!! And, YES!! I LOVE presents!! I LOVE parties and I LOVE celebrating!

Spoil Hot Ass Hollywood with Gifts here!!

63. When is a good time to visit you?

I work all the time! I do take about 6 days off a month, but completely work my schedule around appointments! If you give me a day and time, I will arrange my schedule to fit your needs!

64. Are you truly bi, or are you gay for pay?

I am very much bisexual. Admittedly, I don’t get to enjoy a woman’s touch as often as I would like.

65. I don’t want to have sex, but I want a companion.

I completely understand where you are coming from! It’s not just about sex here. It could mean a dinner date, massages, pillow talk, a friend, companion and someone to just embrace and lay down with. You can share your deepest thoughts or wildest dreams and I will be here to listen! Bunny Ranch Profile HERE!

66. I want to do this for my significant other. Can I set something up?

Of course! It happens all the time. What better gift to give a cherished lover! Send me an email and we can coordinate!!

67. What’s your idea of good foreplay?

Starting off with giving him a massage, we are both naked and covered with oil. I want him appreciating my body, curves, my nipples, my round ass. Listening to him talk about his day, his life, just being open and present! Me putting his cock in my mouth and feeling it grow until I gag, then climbing on top of him as his hard erect penis slides into my tight pussy. I ride him and submit to his every whim and I whisper into his ear you can do anything you want to me.

68. I have a disability, erectile difficulties or special medical needs. Can you work with that?

Absolutely! I will make you as comfortable as possible through whatever means necessary. I will always put your needs first. I am patient, down to earth and VERY caring. I am here to make sure I fulfill all of your needs.

69. Can you come visit me in my state if I pay for it?

Unfortunately it is illegal! I can only travel within the state of Nevada, after it has been pre-arranged here at the Bunny Ranch. I have the best job in the world and wouldn’t risk it for anything!!