I enjoy playing with Couples!

I get so many requests for couples looking to explore and have fun here at the Bunny Ranch that I wanted to create a page dedicated just for it! I want couples to know that I welcome, enjoy and encourage them to come visit me at the Bunny Ranch!

Regardless if it’s to celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, to spice things up, or out of curiosity to learn and experience something new. I want to hear your questions, and learn more about the both of you! They key to a successful couples party is always communication. I have never had 2 couples parties alike. Each couple sets their own personal boundaries and comfort levels, and even has their own fantasy about what they want to share and experience together, here at the Bunny Ranch.

I am here to encourage, listen, and join in the festivities. My only rule- the lady sets the rules! It’s of utmost importance to ME that she be confident, comfortable, satisfied and EXCITED. Her pleasure and happiness comes first and foremost; in whatever form of the word!


Couples Specials:

I really really enjoy taking my time here. It’s so important to build up chemistry and a connection to truly enjoy a couples experience here at the Bunny Ranch. This is a treat for the both of you, and rushing is just the worst thing you could do!! Book 3 hours with me and get upgraded to one of our Plush VIP Suites. They have showers and jacuzzis big enough for all of us to enjoy together. Lots of space and room to try and experience everything you’ve dreamed of!! I will also throw in a Bottle of Champagne and add an extra 45 minutes so we can really go above and beyond.

Some ideas for a Couple Party:

Voyer Party

Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch! I know it REALLY turns me on to watch people ‘play’ together, and I’m sure it will turn YOU on too!! Doesn’t matter who’s the Voyer here- the gentleman or the lady.. Or perhaps you take turns? I could use some toys on her.. Practice my fellatio on him.. Let me have fun within your boundaries and I promise it will be as naughty and as spicy as it sounds!!


All About Her

Some women haven’t had the pleasure or opportunity to really enjoy the touch, caress and love making of another woman.. I’d love to be your first. We start with massages- your partner and myself running you down and amping you up with anticipation! He can kiss you passionately while I let my lips explore the rest of your body.. Starting from your neck down! We can test and try a variety of toys together; dildos, vibratos, even double ended dildos to really see what gets you going! It’s definitely a sensual and erotic party and focuses on the lady..

Menage A Trios

I think everyone has fantasized about having a menage a trios once or twice in their life! I’m blessed to work with tons of sexual women who love to play, and get to experience them regularly! I realize, however, that not everyone is as lucky and fortunate as I am! This couples party is meant for you! Rules and comfort levels may be a little more relaxed.. (again, the lady lays down the law!!) Kissing, touching, toys, oral, jacuzzi baths, showers, massages, strip tease, Multiple positions and all options are on the table. Let’s have some fun and see where the night takes us!!