Reddit, Scoreland & CNN this weekend!!

Fall is here, and already the weather is COLD!! BRING BACK SUMMER!!! It is only mid October- and it’s snowed TWICE in the Sierra Mountains already. But don’t worry, I’ll be around to warm you up this winter!

To Start you off; I have a HUGE weekend full of fun ways that you can interact and get more HOLLYWOOD!!

  • 10/21 *TODAY!!!* Starting at 10am PST and going on throughout the weekend Sarah Greenmore and I will be doing an ASK ME ANYTHING on Reddit!!  Username: HotAssHollywood.. Anything you’ve ever been curious to know? Porn? Fantasies? Fetishes? Wild stories? Embarassing moments? Safety? STDs? Advice? Here’s your chance to put it all out there for us to answer!!                                                                  
  • 10/23 1pm PST It’s time again for another XXX video release!! This is a super sexy and HOT Solo video that I shot on location in Miami for Scoreland!! Follow my HOT ASS around the huge house and watch me play with myself.. You’ll surely wish you were with me!! PLEASE comment on the photo & video pages on the website! Scoreland needs to hear your thoughts!! (It just lets em know you like my work which will only lead to more Porn for you to enjoy!!)
  • hollywood47
  • Sunday 10/23 10PM EST/PST CNN “This Is Life” with Lisa Ling Season 2, Episode 4 “21ST CENTURY BROTHELS”… Get a REAL inside look into the lives of legal prostitutes. Lisa spent over a week here getting to know all the different ladies and their stories. Sun up to sun down, day in and out, she was here! I’m excited for the Episode. You will spot me.. I’m only in EVERY commercial and intro promo. (Watch ANY episode from this season and you’ll see clips of me!!)

I hope you participate in all of the fun this weekend, and tune in! Your support means SO much to me, and I am forever grateful for the friends I have made during this journey! It’s not too late to schedule appointments for 2016.. Come snuggle up and enjoy an evening with me!

Mention my “This is Life” Special and you can choose: 2 additional hours to any Out Date; 4 hours added to an overnight! OR Book me for 2 nights.. get the 3rd on me..Valid until 1/2/17 Appointment WITH DEPOSIT required.

See you soon!!